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lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2020


Hello! Very good days! How are you today? I hope very good!!

I bring you a new women's fashion store, I hope you Like it, for me it has been a very pleasant surprised,  LOVERBEAUTY.

LoverBeauty offers us a comfortable and warm life. They believe that fashion is suitable for any woman, regardless of figure, size or age.

They want plus size women to express themselves through the clothing that LoverBeauty offers us, proving that fashion is for everyone.

In this way they enhance the self-esteem of plus-size women, as well as self-acceptance and enthusiasm for fashion.

They want women all over the world to enjoy dressing and feeling beautiful regardless of their size and age.

Accepting our bodies as well as our curves.

Because it is not always easy to find something that in addition to liking us looks good !!

At LoverBeauty we can find from Shapewear, Bodysuit, Waist Trainer, Plus & Shape o panties and shorts.

One of the things that I liked the most about the web are: Waist trainer for women.

It is made of neoprene, with a good thermogenic result that helps us sweat and lose weight.

Inside it has a breathable mesh. The adjustable belts help us adjust the compression and tension depending on the type of sport we are going to do, likewise the shoulder and back design provide support during activities.

I also really like the High waist shaping shorts.

Are you can see form the image, this garment is used to shape your figure, both hips, abdomen or buttocks.

That dress that doesn't fit as well as you'd like? We put body shaper  underneath and it stylizes our figure and we can go anywhere beautiful and safe, without being over or missing anything.

I hope you liked today's post and do not hesitate to comment if you have been interested in something and have bought it, and in that case if you are happy with the purchase.

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